PAR PixelPoint Restaurant Management Software



Your POS system isn't just an order taker anymore! And Pixelpoint knows it! PixelPoint is truly a Restaurant Management System that is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts and venues. Unlike it's "Out Of The Box" competitors, PixelPoint is configurable to meet your specific hospitality environment and requirements, rather than forcing you to change your current processes. From Drive-Thru Fast Food to Coursed Fine Dining, PixelPoint is chalked full of features that can help you manage your restaurant better, improve customer experience, and make more money.

PixelPoint is an open solution with a rapidly expanding list of integrations and peripherals that enables restaurants to build their own customized POS solution with PixelPoint at the core. With Over 200 Integrations Worldwide, Pixelpoint offers all the flexibility and versatility you need to stay competitive.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced payment capabilities, mobile/online ordering, pay at the table, loyalty, above store reporting, kitchen video system, gift cards or more. PixelPoint POS has all the tools you need for success.

What's So Great About PixelPoint....

Advanced Back Office

Single and MultiLocation Full Featured In-Store and Online Reporting

Built In Gift Card System/Customer Accounts/Customer Loyalty

Online/At The Table Ordering Integrations

Pay At The Table

Labor Management/Time and Attendance

Advanced Inventory

Built In Delivery/Dispatch

Built In Reservation System with Integrations for Online Reservations

Combo System with Auto-Combo Feature

Kiosk Capable

Customizable/Brand Specific Design with an Advanced Form and Menu Designer

Fully EMV Compliant with Multiple Merchant Processing Options

Tablet Capable

Kitchen Video Solutions

Over 200 3rd Party Integrations and Growing

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